To help you get ahead of the trends, we broke down the six most inspo-worthy looks, below. Get your colorist's number ready before your sister, your cousin, and your barista beat you to them.


Honey-Blonde Ombré

Warm, honey shades continue to reign as this year's most sought-after blonde, and you'll be seeing a spike in sun-kissed golden-ombré hues come summer. And with grungy, exposed roots still in style and acting as the ultimate grow-out disguise, blonde has never been so low-maintenance.


Crimson Red

We hate to say it, but the soft, strawberry-blonde hues and rose-gold highlights of 2017 are already slipping into the ether of forgotten hair color trends. But don't freak, pink lovers—they'll be replaced by deeper shades in the same family, like fiery crimson.


Inky Black

Good news for your inner emo kid: Rich, jet-black hair will be covering the heads of some of your favorite celebrities this year, and we're not just talking about Pete Wentz. The 2018 take on the trend reads less Hot-Topic-enthusiast and more badass-hair-chameleon, especially when coupled with a choppy lob (à la Nina Dobrev).


Ash Brown

Not quite ready to go full-on My Chemical Romance with a single-processed black? Meet your middle ground: ash brown—the love child of deep, chocolate brown and muted, slate-gray.