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Smooth Bob Lace Front Human Hair Wig

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Wig Roll Tape will be helpful to adhere wigs to the scalp. Securing the wig with the tape allows for a strong hold and offers a natural appearance.

Smooth Bob Lace Front Human Hair Wig Product Details

Material: Human Hair
Cap Construction: Lace Front
Hair Style: Straight
Length: 9.5" Fringe: 4" Nape: 4"
Weight: 85g
A smooth bob with razor technique and a distinct look. A sleek Smooth Bob achieved using razor cuts for a sharper, more distinctive edge. Style has a lace front top for easy styling and realistic scalp.
Warming Tips: This Wig comes with the elastic strap. This provides additional comfort, as well as confidence your wig won't fall out, or get blown away by wind.

Lace front Wigs Cap Construction Advantages
In a lace front wig, the front hairline is made of a nearly invisible mesh trim, generally 1/8-inch to 1.5 inch in width, to which the hairs are individually tied. Generally this lace trim will extend across the entire front hairline of the wig from ear to ear or temple to temple. The main benefit of a lace front wig is the fully-convincing realism simulated by this hand-constructed hairline.
The transparent mesh of a lace front hairline floats over the natural hairline, letting the skin show through. If the lace front is “welded,” so that each thread-crossing in the mesh is heat-fused, it can be custom trimmed without unraveling or stretching out of shape.
Due to the differences of computer display, the item colour may be a little different from the picture, but we promise it is not the quality issue.

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• Standard Order: It will take around 15 working days to produce your wigs.

• Lace Front Wigs Order: It will take around 20 working days to produce your wigs.

• Full Lace Wigs Order: It will take around 25 working days to produce your wigs.

• Monofilament Wigs Order: It will take around 28 working days to produce your wigs.


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Wig Size (inch) Cap Size(inch) Front to Back(inch) Side to Side across forehead(inch) Side to Side over top(inch) Temple to Temple across back(inch) Nape of Neck(inch)
Child / Ulara Petite (UP) 20-20.5" 12-12.5" 10-10.5" 10.5-11" 12.5-13" 4-4.5"
Petite (P) 21-21.5" 13-13.5" 11" 11.5-11.75" 13-13.5" 4.5-5"
Average (A) 22-22.5" 14-14.5" 12-12.5" 12.5-13" 14.5-15" 5-5.5"
Large(L) 23-23.5" 15-15.5" 12.5-13" 13-13.5" 15-15.5" 5.5-6"

How to Apply A Lace Wig

  • 1) Position the lace wig on your head. Align the hairline to a natural position by pulling the lace forward. Ensure the front ear taps are even and all the edges are at a natural position.

  • 2) Tie the wig into a ponytail and then remove the wig. Carefully cut the lace off the edges of the wig.

  • 3) Put wig adhesive just below your hairline. Ensure there is a small amount on the hairline all around your head.

  • 4) Tie the wig into a loose ponytail. Line the wig to just before the adhesive. Position all the edges are in place. Push the wig down to form to the glue. Gently pull down the back hairline.

Cleaning the Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs is durable, generally costs more, and has the most natural look and feel of any wig you can buy. And can be dyed and treated the same as any human hair that grows from the scalp.

  • Detangle Gently remove tangles using a wide tooth comb, working gradually from the ends to the base.

  • Rinse Rinse with cool water to remove shampoo. Gently press with a towel to remove excess water. Do not rub or wring.

  • Wash submerges your wig in cool water. Mix in a small amount of Shampoo for synthetic hair. Soak your wig for 3-5 minutes. Gently swirl without rubbing.

  • Rinse Rinse with cool water to remove shampoo. Gently press with a towel to remove excess water. Do not rub or wring.

  • Condition Condition Distribute Pure Care Hydra Conditioner or Pure Care Intensive Recovery Mask (every 5-6 conditions) evenly throughout hair.

  • Rinse Rinse with cool water to remove shampoo. Gently press with a towel to remove excess water. Do not rub or wring.

  • Dry & condition Dry & condition Place on a folding wig stand, spray with a Leave-in Conditioner, and allow to air dry. DO NOT WRING OR SQUEEZE.

It is advised you take it to a profession stylist for restyle. For a synthetic wig, a simple shake and go method works just fine. Place the wig on its wig stand and use hot rollers or a curling iron on a low setting to style the hair to your liking.

You can clip and pin different sections for a change of style, but as you get used to the wig, you will most likely find that you do not have to do anything if at all in maintaining its style.

When not in use, always put your wig on a mannequin or wig stand to maintain its shape. Frequency of cleaning will depend on your environment, lifestyle and amount of perspiration. Suggested guidelines for cleaning are after 10 to 14 days of wear.
It is best to store the human hair in its original container. Or you can store the hair in a plastic bag.

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Customer Reviews

I have to say im very statisfied with this wig. The only thing is that in the back its so straight! But i got my money worth it's a keeper!
Verified Buyer Review by laure schmitt
The human hair is so original that everyone thinks these are my original hairs. The stuff is also perfect to me and is very soft to skin.
Verified Buyer Review by Sheila Culi
I am impressed with the design and the fine material of the straight and short human hair wig which make it absolutely stunning.
Verified Buyer Review by Demi Bhamber
I am glad to have it with my as it makes me stylish and trendy. It is just a right product for me. The nice wig is easy to manage and is a best product I have got in my collection.
Verified Buyer Review by Chloe O'Sullivan
Took it out of the box, gave it a shake and put it on. Only did a little finger combing and it was perfect. Had to trim the bangs a little to keep it from poking me in the eyes.
Verified Buyer Review by kirsty hardie
It gives me a great highlight making me very popular among my friends and colleagues. The wonderful wig has a great density which gives it a perfect volume.
Verified Buyer Review by gary foulger
Good quality and very natural. No one can tell it is a wig!
Verified Buyer Review by valbona kastrati
I absolutely loved this hair, it washed well and I am able to curl it with the flat iron. I have been wearing this wig for over a month now.
Verified Buyer Review by Lynn Knowles
People often ask me where I get my hair done and I am like its a wig. They are usually very surprised and want to know where I got the wig from.
Verified Buyer Review by Alison Bradley
The wig is comfortable and easy to care. Really pleased with the look and the feel. I am soooooo happy with this style and attractiveness - making me look younger and alive. Thanks.
Verified Buyer Review by Elaine Galvin
This is a carefree and elegant hairstyle that needs no keep up. The unusual color shade with straight hair texture is looking amazing and giving a look that completely transforms my personality.
Verified Buyer Review by dfgdgdf gdfgdfg
I got the wig exactly the way I expected with the nice color and fine detailing. Thank you very much.
Verified Buyer Review by Lisa Neill
This hairstyle gives me a sexy look and is a perfect hairstyle to carry during night parties.
Verified Buyer Review by dsa as
The silky texture of this splendid lace front wig allured me when I wore this wig. I looked so fashionable like celebrity when I wore this lace front wig.
Verified Buyer Review by Emily Pownall
I can see why this wig is a best seller. I like it....
Verified Buyer Review by Molly Beetham
I love this wig..I have had this style wig for years and it is fab. You will not be sorry to make the purchase.Easy to style and wear.
Verified Buyer Review by Laura Gough
The cap construction is lace front cap and straight texture is perfectly complementing it.
Verified Buyer Review by dgsdfhg dsgdsh
Wearing the wig without any trouble, hair cut totally changed the look of the dress and made it seem more elegant to me anyway.
Verified Buyer Review by Lisa Mc cabe
Lovely wig, I purchased in petite size. Little cowlick at back can be tamed with wig spray, actually makes it look cute. Love it.
Verified Buyer Review by Sally Goodenough
I am very impressed with the material used which makes it so comfortable. I prefer to wear it anywhere as it is appropriate.
Verified Buyer Review by Charlene Fernandes
This hair style has a certain level of class to it, along with the wow factor. It has a unique quality of uttermost smoothness and silkiness. This hairstyle has given me the desired look.
Verified Buyer Review by carol thompson
Cap is very comfortable and but quality is standard and helps to maintain its pattern. It has proved very helpful for me since I always carry custom wigs.
Verified Buyer Review by Lauren Watkins
The product looks and feels natural. I have received nothing but compliments such as I like your new do.
Verified Buyer Review by Gemma Skelland
Good quality hair so far, no funny smells or anything.
Verified Buyer Review by victoria murrell
The quality of the material used in making this hairstyle is of very standard quality and this thing has appealed to me as I always carry it as party wear due to its comfort level and shining.
Verified Buyer Review by svetlana korolova
Super nice quality. Looks the same as the picture! My wig is realistic and beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful gifts!
Verified Buyer Review by Hannah Carmichael
I received this wig today and it fits perfectly. I am amazed at the quality as well as it is fantastic. I am so pleased with this wig and will definitely order again from you. I shall also be telling all my friends and family - very pleased!!!!
Verified Buyer Review by Quintina
I am so delighted and thrilled with this fantastic service. I chose a wig and in my excitement I didn't review the time involved with making and shipping however I didn't need to worry about it because once I had contacted them letting know my timeline and that I was based in Ireland they were on the case and my wig arrived in a very short space of time. It is wonderfully made and fits perfectly. I would recommend the custom option. I couldn't stop recommending this to friends it is brilliant thank you to everybody involved with making my wig for me.
Verified Buyer Review by Letitia
This product is very well made and the hair looks real. I tried it on and it is easy to use and looks great. The product itself is great.
Verified Buyer Review by Gladys
It totally felt like real hair! The problem I had with these is that my hair is too long to make them simple to use.
Verified Buyer Review by June
If you wear the bangs this way, the wig cap does not show. Also, After having worn the wig for more than a week, the wig cap has stretched somewhat and fits even better. In any event, I love this wig.
Verified Buyer Review by Sally
Highly recommend and encourage others to buy. Love Love Love this. The color was a perfect match and so easy to use!
Verified Buyer Review by Giselle
I purchased the dark blonde color which matches my tinted hair perfectly. I was a little shy about wearing it to work but wow I received so many compliments.
Verified Buyer Review by Jacqueline
I love this....such a quick and easy way to make a change in style or fix a bad hair day. Natural looking, not too shiny and a nice blend of color in the its brown.
Verified Buyer Review by Janet
This hairstyle gives me a sexy look and is a perfect hairstyle. I am so excited to have this lovely piece of hairwig. Very nice...
Verified Buyer Review by Angle
The fullness of this hairstyle is eye catching and this wig will remain as they are due to extra good materials that have been used in making them.
Verified Buyer Review by Jenny
I love these hair pieces. They feel like real hair, and are so comfortable to wear, unlike other kinds I have that are scratchy. I am hoping to get the full wig like this soon.
Verified Buyer Review by Hedda
Most realistic wig and feeling. Its a bit thin but i like it that way and it dose not shed. The color shines and highlights are well mixed and gives it a classy or punk style depending how you style it. Not a huge fan of the bangs but they look great when I put clips in them. People will think this is your real hair and that its beautiful hair.
wig is perfect Review by Salo***
I have bought so many wigs over the past twenty years and this has got to be the best one ever. The quality is superb and the construction of the cap ia very comfortable. The monofilament top is very natural looking, the type of synthetic hair is also of good quality (hopefully this should last longer than most). This wig is versatile - I have yet to try out curling it but the fact that you can style it curly or straight is great. The length is also good as you can easily wear it up in a hair clip or wear it down, it does look attractive either way, and this in turn makes me feel more confident in wearing a wig.
lovely hairstyle! Review by Manning
Wow - my all time favorite - is absolutely gorgeous. The cap is great and the part is natural. Looks fantastic and rich - ready for diamonds and a black mink! Can't say enough - This is the best! Am buying another.
Best wig ever! Review by Stanhope
This is the first long wig I've owned. I chopped my hair to donate it back in April and although I adore my bob cut I was missing my long hair really bad. Instead of getting extensions I decided to try a wig. I found this wig and I am in love! It does have a good amount of shine but I was able to cut it down with a little dry shampoo and setting spray. It has the perfect body and curl.
Lovely Review by Louretta
Did not have to shape or trim before wearing for the first time. comfortable once conformed to my head. no fuss, no muss hairdo!
Great wig Review by Nilsa
Product arrived at last..took more time than it should though, item is of better quality and style than expected though, worth the wait!
good Review by Fiona
Product arrived at last..took more time than it should though, item is of better quality and style than expected though, worth the wait!
good Review by Fiona
An absolutely great wig with nice, thick, soft, black curls that don't show the wig cap underneath. A very nice quality wig that will last for many years. I love it! I will defiantly order from them again
An absolutely great wig Review by Hope
This wig is so natural, and fits so well on a petite sized head. I've gotten more compliments from this wig than any other. ever. and I've purchased hundreds.
fit so well Review by Dawnie
This wig is so light weight. No one knows it is not my real hair, At church they asked me who cut and styled my hair. i got red, same colour as my hair.
light weight wig Review by Kerry
I got this wig in the colour 14 and I love its style very natural!the lace is very comfortable and it doesn't itchy and doesn't redden my skin. I recommend it!
comfortable wig Review by Claire
The wigs were nicely packed, it was perfect! I immediately tried it on and the colour was a dead on match! I'm truly enjoying that I have the option to have straight hair when I want and feel confident that my hair looks natural and gorgeous! Thank you so much!! Very happy!
It was perfect Review by Danielle
I could find with the length that I wanted...and I LOVE it. it looks and feels incredible. The scalp top is very realistic, and it fit beautifully
. I'm so glad I did!
Nice style and colour Review by Cathy
I was a little skeptic when I took the wig out of the package. This is the first wig that I have purchased, and after I got it on I loved it. I put some extra hairs in the back and it looked great. I love this wig and plan on ordering another style very soon. )
Wonderful Style Review by Trish
Wanted this from the minute I saw it! Ordered the color shown and it is true to the photo overall. I asked by hair stylist to cut bangs for me and the wig was perfect. Great body, lots of style and tons of compliments whenever I wear it. I would recommend this to a friend and give them a 5 star thumbs up as a rating.
This Is A WINNER!! Review by carolyn
Very good hair quality and fit, It's soft, manageable, and bouncy, and the price can't be beat, especially for a lace front.Thank you for the prompt responses and timely delivery. Overall, I am very happy.
Pleased with this wig! Review by Charllote
I could not be happier with everything about this purchase! I am losing my hair due to medications. The wig.... I LOVE IT!!! It makes me happy again!! it looks and feels incredible and it fit beautifully.I think I am a wig fan forever, since it is so fun. Thank you prowigsauau!
Cap is extremely soft and comfortable Review by Emily
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